architecture . landscape . urbanism
Hambach Castle

Competition, 2004 - 2014, Neustadt a.d.Weinstrasse

nominated for the german landscape architecture prize of 2017

planning partner:
Riehl Bauermann + Partner (LP 6-8)

German Natural Stone Prize 2013 - category landscape and open space

at the presentation of the DAM Prize in 2013 Peter Cachola Schmal said:
" ... they have created here a new and beautiful public space virtually unmatched anywhere north of the Alps, harmonised through the use of the same sandstone and by means of a strong spatial enclosure. In place of fi ligree railings, the broad, low stone walls invite visitors to take a seat along this panoramic terrace. Their gaze can then range far afield all the way to the Rhine valley. ..."
Setting of tasks for the new Entrée of the Hambach Castle is multilayered: barrier-free development of the park, a new routing, touristy marketing opportunities and a bettering of the park. The individual interferences, which are made at different places, react specifically to the respective situation, but always under the premise the historical substance of Hambach Castle, in which the historical building layers remain undisguised. The principle of the fortress rings is taken up; the park made better readable more clearly - more readably.