architecture . landscape . urbanism
Visitior Centre

realization competition, 2011, Loreleyplateau

The settlement of the new centre requires in addition to the integration of the spatial volume into the topography also the linking of the flows of visitors, which arrive from different directions and need to be guided towards the new centre. The interaction of these two layers result in a -at first glance- simple two-story building, which is cautiously embedded into the scenic context and stands because of its self-effacement in no competition to the monument or the park. The position of the two stacked volumes is developed out of the context: the existing historic natural stone wall serves as a guideline along which the lower volume is developed and opens itself up to the southern panoramic view. The second volume, above the first one, is clearly set back on the south side. A terrace is formed. The upper, smaller spatial volume has the appearance of a gallery, which turns towards the landscape. For the users of the cable car, the visitors centre is entered from the south side.