architecture . landscape . urbanism
Combine old and new - rose slope of the baroque Karlsaue

Renovation, 2018-2022, Kassel

planning partner:
Riehl Bauermann + Partner (LPH 6-8)

The listed Rosenhang is located in Kassel"s southern city, on the northwestern edge of the Karlsaue and forms the urban-topographically significant edge of Kassel"s upper city into the park. It is considered a key point in the history of Kassel"s urban development towards the south. Hermann Mattern"s design, one of the most important landscape architects of his time, for the Federal Garden Show in 1955, represents a significant contribution to the reconstruction of Kassel"s city. In its present form, only the core area of the Rosenhang still shows the original design; the peripheral areas have been over-marked by multiple interventions over the course of time. Masonry and stairs were professionally renovated over an area of ​​3 hectares so that the planned measures secure and strengthen the original, historical image and the original structures and materials are preserved.