architecture . landscape . urbanism
New World Island

, 06/2007, Linz, ├ľsterreich

100 % of surface conquered! The structural form will be generated by a mixture of large-area commercial units, offices and housing estates. The form is deduced of complete utilization of the given urban rest area. Only the outline of the site between Wiener Stra├če, Kremplsra├če and Muldenstra├če determinates the border line of this complex building structure. The horizontal layered intern functions will be grounded analogue to the forces on the verdures affecting the site. Around the belt of noise dominating the street level, large-area trade units will be conveniently situated. The building structure is nerved by streets, with lower degree of expandability towards the apartment units. On the highest level of the constructional continuum the residential areais are situated, with convenient location factors: calmness, fresh air, sunshine and panorama vistas. Offshore reef and meshwork The suggestive symbol of a new entry to the city will be generated by the metaphor of an ofshore reef in the surge. The new World Island takes benefit from the flux of the surrounding traffic and conductes the traffic in every layer. The building structure seems like an architectural reef, located in front of the city. An intense microcosm with diverse functions can be established. Public life will flower out in all levels of this open public space. The trading unit is the impulse for the development of the pickaback housing estates.
Green Spots Green Spots are located in the patios of the hotel and around the housing estates. The outline of the trading units picture themselves in the housing levels as green areas. The housing units encase the green spots and generate central amply gardens.
Jury Floris Alkemade (OMA, Rotterdam) Manuel Gausa (ACTAR, Barcelona) Karoline Streeruwitz (sammerstreeruwitz, Europan 7 winner, Wien) Max Rieder (MAXRIEDER ARCHITEKTUR, Wien / Salzburg) Hansj├Ârg Luser (urbanist, urban developer, HoG architektur) Michael Pech (director of housing agency ├ľSW, Wien) Sabine Kraft (architectural critic, archplus) Joost Meuwissen (architect, professor for urban design, Amsterdam/Graz/Wien) Jaroslav ┼áafer (SHA, Safer+Hajek Architects, Prague) Janez Ko┼żelj (architect, professor / University of Ljubljana) Petr F.Bilek (Bilek Associated sro, Prague) Marko Studen (SCAPELAB, Ljubljana)