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Sommerinsel BUGA 2019 Heilbronn

Heilbronn, 2016-2019

On the summer island in Heilbronn, one of the first 3D-generated landscape parks, combining the shapes of moraines, dunes and sandy beaches, opens with the Federal Horticultural Show (“Bundesgartenschau”, BUGA in short) 2019. On the summer island in Heilbronn, one of the world’s first digitally-designed and -built landscape parks has been created for the BUGA 2019. On a plot of about 70 by 500 meters and shaped as a . . .

Monument Castle Park Schieder

Schieder-Schwalenberg, 2017

The expert report for the protection, development and maintenance of the monumental palace grounds Schieder gives attention to the different time layers of the park, their importance and future interaction. The palace garden with its 20ha was created over the . . .

Maritime Pier

Timmendorfer Strand, 2017, 2nd prize

The pier vibrates in soft movements, like a wave in the direction of the horizon. Their floating, formal reduced form is built harmoniously by balancing linear stretching and wave movement. The spatial movement of the bridge’s structure is carried out . . .

Masterplan Breitenau-Guxhagen

Guxhagen, 2018, 1st prize

Urban Idea, Mission Statement of the "Three Rings"
The historical and structural figure of the former monastery complex should be made legible again in its ring structure. The first ring around the inner ensemble of the abbey church . . .

Redesign Old Market Gudensberg

Gudensberg , 2021, 1st price

Redesign of Old Market and Surroundings of the town church Gudensberg

The medieval Old Market, grown over centuries along strong wall lines and staircases at the foot of the Obernburg, is structurally continued.

Urban development and design concept
The spatial shaping of the square . . .

Historical site Kyffhäuser

Kyffhäuser Denkmal, in Zusammenarbeit mit chezweitz Berlin, 2021, Recognition

Overall urban planning and monument preservation concept
The integration of new museum use elements into the listed inventory of the Kyffhäuser plateau and the medieval castle complexes requires an overall picture of past and present, merged into a sustainable . . .

Bridge to Art

Hannover, Dezember 2015, 1st prize

The seemingly disparate contraries of the carried and the borne, of the served and the operated and of the below and above are no longer separable in the 21st century. In fact they form a symbiotic relationship - at least . . .

Ripple Park

Landscape Architecture Europe, 2015

„The remark that Ripple Park was seen as ‘good for the spirit’ illustrates the deep connection that all jury members shared with this project. It was one of the few projects that the entire jury agreed about for the duration . . .

Turbine Lübbenau

Lübbenau, 2020, 2. Preis

"Turbine Lübbenau - meeting point green center".
Urban design and integration into the surrounding open space
An independent neighborhood grouped around a green center is formulated, which redefines the guiding principle "living and event in the park". An ensemble of 6 buildings is grouped . . .

Published in discover GERMANY - Issue 28 . . .

Summer Island - Award for digital innovation

Heilbronn, 2016-2019, Award for the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2021

"Landscape architecture and digitization" or "Building Information Modeling (BIM) in landscape architecture".

The Summer Island experiment was realized as part of the Heilbronn Federal Horticultural Show as one of the first completely 3D-generated and built landscape parks in the world.

With analog . . .

Hambach Castle

Neustadt a.d.Weinstrasse, 2004 - 2014, nominated for the german landscape architecture prize of 2017

German Natural Stone Prize 2013 - category landscape and open space

at the presentation of the DAM Prize in 2013 Peter Cachola Schmal said:
" ... they have created here a new and beautiful public space virtually unmatched anywhere north of the . . .