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Redesign - Old Market Gudensberg

Gudensberg , 2021, 1st price

Redesign of Old Market and Surroundings of the town church Gudensberg

The medieval Old Market, grown over centuries along strong wall lines and staircases at the foot of the Obernburg, is structurally continued.

Urban development and design concept
The spatial shaping of the square at the Old Market is a derivation and continuation of the existing and continuation of the existing settlements of its historical spatial edges. The church wall of the town church with its broad approach . . .

Wächtersbach Castle Park in climate change

Wächtersbach, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, 2022

At the moment we are in the planning phase of the Castle Park in Wächtersbach, Main-Kinzig district. The 9 ha castle park is to be developed as a public park around the former moated castle, which is now used as . . .

planning partner:
Riehl Bauermann + Partner (LPH 6-8)

Just in time for the opening of documenta 15, our project for the renovation, redesign and linking of the Gustav Mahler Staircase (1964) with the core area of the former Federal Garden Show . . .

In the south of Kassel lies the small town of Gudensberg, which impresses with its unique topography and ruins of the Obernburg on the 306m high Schlossberg. In the course of the urban development program "Living Centers", the development of . . .

Summer Island, BUGA 2019

Heilbronn, 2016-2019

Riehl Bauermann + Partner (LP: 6-8)

On the summer island in Heilbronn, one of the first 3D-generated landscape parks, combining the shapes of moraines, dunes and sandy beaches, opens with the Federal Horticultural Show (“Bundesgartenschau”, BUGA in short) 2019. . . .

planning partner:
Riehl Bauermann + Partner (LPH 6-8)

The listed Rosenhang is located in Kassel"s southern city, on the northwestern edge of the Karlsaue and forms the urban-topographically significant edge of Kassel"s upper city into the park. It is considered a . . .

Summer Island - Award for digital innovation

Heilbronn, 2016-2019, Award for the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2021

"Landscape architecture and digitization" or "Building Information Modeling (BIM) in landscape architecture".

The Summer Island experiment was realized as part of the Heilbronn Federal Horticultural Show as one of the first completely 3D-generated and built landscape parks in the world.

With analog . . .

AIAAF 2023

BTU Cottbus, 05. Mai 2023

Das von Prof. Ilija Vukorep an der UDK Berlin organisierte AIAAF Symposium am 05.Mai sowie die dazugehörige Workshop-Reihe haben sich erneut auf die Rolle der künstlichen Intelligenz (KI) im Planungs- und Bauprozess konzentriert. Die Veranstaltung hat aufgezeigt, wie KI zur . . .

The medieval hilltop castle of Dringenberg is enthroned on the castle hill, visible from afar in the landscape. After the successful development plan of the total work of art made of stone and landscape, the building block "Entrée zone to . . .