architecture . landscape . urbanism

international competition, 02/2008, Perm


Forestgarden at the Kama For the City of Perm a public and sensual space is emerging at the waterfront of the Kama River. It is intended to be an extensive museum garden for all inhabitants of Perm. Not a park alone and not only a museum building where visitors can meet. The flaneur, promenading the prospective garden, is overlooking the Kama bridge, the river and the vast forest of the region of Perm. However, a garden at the Kama also wants to be a secure and harboured space; once more an attempt to create a paradise, a counter world to the relentlessness of the city’s urban reality. It tenderly takes the city (closer) to the waterfront. A topographic grid made from paths networks and terraced slopes will connect the extensive waterfront to future Kama gates. Ice crystals at the shore Like laid bare by the broad river, fair ascending ice clouds appear as strange crystalline buildings out of the park. This composition of three buildings is part of the garden but not its centre. The corpora of the museum complex and the topography of the landscape are - as programmatic clusters - parts of the whole within the same spatial and compositional structure.
The museum principle The exhibitions areas inside the museum are closely related but spatially and architecturally clearly differentiated. The formation around the central foyer allows for short distances, insights into collection blocks and options to link the clusters. The different rooms are individually designed in terms of light and size in order to accommodate unlimited curatorial and organisational varieties. The cluster design of the museum provides short distances, partially unclosed areas and a surrounding for small and medium single exhibitions as well as for extensive group exhibitions.
Jury Ben van Berkel Arata Isozaki Peter Noever Peter Zumthor Yury Gnedovsky Aleksandr Kudryavtsev Oleg Oshchepkov Mikhail Piotrovsky Sergey Shamarin Mikhail Shvidkoy Irina Korobina Viktor Logvinov