architecture . landscape . urbanism
Liberty and Unity Monument Leipzig

artistic competition, 2012, Leipzig

The monument in Leipzig is a ring. By walking on that ring, one follows the abstracted promenade ring of Leipzig in the year 1989. Like back then, there is no fixed start or end point, it’s possible to enter the ring movement from all directions. The rings movements are prompted by the city space. It takes the urban movements in, but spreads them as well. Looking from the outside, it’s not possible to experience the ring in it’s entirety. Embedded in trees, the ring emerges and disappears in the urban space depending on ones location. The ring itself is the monument and has a diameter of 113 meters, a heights of 3 meters and rises 5 meter above the court surface. It’s made up of seven parts, which support and stabilize each other. Seven radially arranged stairs lead up from the court to the visitors space. The inside of the rings walls are formed to interact with the visitors. They are invited to draw and paint on the board like inside. At the same time the visitors will finde here informations about the events of autumn 1989 in Leipzig. The ring becomes a place of the past, the present and the future. It is also a place for local and global messages - a place of public authorship.