architecture . landscape . urbanism
Church Square

urban space competition, 2011, Freyburg

Reminiscence (lat. reminisci - remember), a description for a echo from the past.

The design refers to the time prior to 1920 - with a churchyard as a simple, green cemetery, that is connected with the rest of the city by a system of radial paths and roads. Comprehensive traces and relicts, which exist both in a visible layer (lime stone paths and paving fragments) and on a archaeological level, form the work approach for a search for traces of the design.The north-east area of the church surroundings was a blurry zoned and spatially unconfined green cemetery with simple walk paths and a circumferential, arch-shaped main path.

The over all design of the planning is the search for a long lost image, which refers to the photographic, detailed documented and rough shape of the churchyard. Stone, earth and grass are the core materials of the design, on which is also based the new interpretation and creative addition of the design.