architecture . landscape . urbanism
interactive surface

research project, 2011 - 2013, Kassel / Cottbus

sponsored by MWFK Brandenburg

The - interactive surface - project is a technical solution of a surface that can transform its form and receive pressure signals on ground matrix. The difference to other existing solutions is the reduction of motors by using a matrix configuration and the integrated use of sensors. Usually every grid point in the surface is moved by one motor. Interactive surface is a solution where co-ordinated moves of motors on the surface on both axes can actuate every single point in the surface. This can be used for various interactive objects, tactile sense communication, realtime relief presentations, art projects or in variable space experiments. The project is a further development based on an idea of Dipl.-Ing. Victoria Peters. Project leader: Prof. Ilija Vukorep with Dipl.-Inf. Ruben Jubeh.