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DIGITAL MODULATION With the temporary park landscape "Summer Island", the BUGA shows what is technologically feasible today - and enabled the planners to conduct another experiment in addition to the pavilions. And so it is no wonder that the aerial photos of the 500 meters long and 70 meters wide strip of the summer island with the wavy planting have become the unofficial logo of the BUGA. ...

23.Mai 2019

Architektur in OWL - Ausgewählte Bauten ab 1990

Burg Vlotho

1 / 2013


1 / 2011

aesthetics & architectural composition


09 / 2005

The Architectural Review

Medieval Phoenix -AR+D Award 2003- Commended

12 / 2003

Der Architekt, Seite 46- 47

Rosa Wolken über der Stadt

10/ 2001

Blauwdruk, Wageningen

Ripple Park

„The remark that Ripple Park was seen as ‘good for the spirit’ illustrates the deep connection that all jury members shared with this project. It was one of the few projects that the entire jury agreed about for the duration of the jury sessions, united in admiration. There was a sense that the ripples work like a music piece, with a musicality and rhythm. Also clear to the jury was the impression that a project like this could only come from designers completely sure of the materials and processes of landscape. Finally, the jury concluded that it is not easy to do such work: to achieve the careful layering of the ground where the sub-conditions are important – translated into a design that is easily readable in the built landscape.“ (Jury)


BDA - Energetische Sanierung: Denken im Quartier

Vielfalt Managen - Energetische Stadtentwicklung in Altbauquartieren

4 / 2012

Neue Landschaft Lausitz

3 / 2010

VIA Arquitectura

Restauration de Fortaleza Medieval en Vlotho

01 / 2005

Landeswettbewerb 2002: Stadt macht Platz- NRW macht Plätze

Vlotho. Sommerfelder Platz


Zwischenorte- Architektur im Prozess zur urbanen Erneuerung: Standorte

Standort: Sibenik


discover Germany - Issue 28

New architecture for
historic landscapes

Published in discover GERMANY - Issue 28

Juli 2015

Il Progetto Sostenibile

09 / 2009

Living Systems

Innovative Materials and Technologies for Landscape Architecture

Published in Living Systems by Liat Margolis and Alexander Robinson.

03 / 2007

Erschienen zur gleichnamigen
Ausstellung im Kasseler Architekturzentrum

HAUTlabor -junge architekten in hessen-

10 / 2004



12/ 2001, Seite 20-22

Technology Review - German Issue

Squid -Roboter von Oben-

Published in Technology Review - German Issue januar / februar 2013

1 / 2013

Industriebau als Ressource

8 / 2011

Contemporary Public Space Un-volumetric Architecture

Un-volumetric Architecture

02 / 2006

Baumeister B6

Burg Vlotho - Bauen in der Natur


Garten+ Landschaft, Seite 37- 39

Landschaftsarchitekturbüros im Internet

11/ 2001