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Redesign - Old Market Gudensberg

Realization competition, 2021, Gudensberg

1st price

Redesign of Old Market and Surroundings of the town church Gudensberg

The medieval Old Market, grown over centuries along strong wall lines and staircases at the foot of the Obernburg, is structurally continued.

Urban development and design concept
The spatial shaping of the square at the Old Market is a derivation and continuation of the existing and continuation of the existing settlements of its historical spatial edges. The church wall of the town church with its broad approach and sculptural power is the sculptural strength is the inspiration for the two new, staggered square edges. Three lines of the wall now step down the ensemble from the church to the square and open it up for residents and visitors. A composition of the bastion of the city church, the wall line of Marktstraße and panorama wall Braugasse is inscribed in the hill. The Alte Markt is now the two retaining walls, the Old Market is now usable usable, wide-ranging areas for events become possible. Accessibility is ensured by a step-free design area of the square. Important visual axes from the town church to the square are opened.

Links and edges - lingering along guided lines
The two new walls take on several functions. In addition to the creation of level usable surfaces as retaining walls, the wall lines a new meeting point on the square. Three seating areas are offered in the wall niches. A long bench, as a wooden inlay is inscribed into the wall, acts as a panoramic bench with a view of the church tower. Further seating areas lead along the wall into the shade of the plane trees.

Panoramic wall - fountain and various seating
An additive arrangement of furniture at the square is the square, the panorama wall takes on a variety of functions, multiple tasks. Two integrated seating areas of wood are offered, wide view relations to the of the square and the church tower. The fountain forms part and conclusion of the wall, its evenly dripping film of water over floating stone over floating stone invites to play. Design in basalt lava as a regional complement to sandstone, as both materials are historically used side by side in the city.